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Alma Accent Cellulite Treatment

Accent Cellulite Treatment

The Comfortable Way to Tone and Tighten your Skin

Over the years, there have been many purported treatments for cellulite, a condition widespread among women. Despite the exorbitant fees charged, though, far too often, the treatments had little success or were indeed nothing more than scams or magical thinking.

Clearly, cellulite treatment calls for a comprehensive approach, and factors that can be controlled should be targeted first—through a balanced diet, reduced salt and caffeine consumption and increased exercise.

Alma Lasers’ Accent XL device for cellulite is a new technology that operates with high-intensity radio frequencies. Its deep action in the dermis and the sub-dermal layers of tissue promotes the contraction and thus the remodeling of collagen. It stimulates blood circulation, the metabolism of fatty tissues and the tightening of the fibrous bands that hold the fatty tissue to the skin. In combination, these effects act to reduce cellulite and remodel body contours. The basic treatment centers on a series of at least six consecutive weekly or by-weekly sessions, but may be extended until desired results are obtained. It should also be followed by a maintenance program with an occasional session to control the cellulite.

Before and After pictures

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Anterior and Posterior Underarm

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Antrerior Thigh

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Buttox and Posterior Thigh

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Upper and Lower Abdomen

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Back

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Face and Neck area

Accent Treatment - Before & After  Buttox

Accent Treatment - Before & After   Bilateral Jowels and upper neck

Accent Radio Frequency Systems Scientific Approach

"Most Promising New Aesthetic Technology"

Accent®XL was named the Most Promising New Aesthetic Technology in the 2006 Laser & Light Technology Choice Awards™. Unlike other RF systems, the Accent Family provides effective treatments for wrinkles, rhytids and cellulite with significantly less discomfort, a minimal risk of side effects and no downtime or expensive disposables. Plus, the technology is upgradeable.

Radio Frequency

The key to the Accent Family of systems is the safe production of heat in the dermis and sub-dermis. Therapeutic heat is produced in two ways:

  • Tissue resistance to BiPolar RF current creates local, superficial dermal heating
  • UniPolar™ RF generates alternating electromagnetic fields that cause rotation and friction in the dipole water molecules of deeper tissue

These two safe and effective heat generation techniques give you all the tools you need to provide your patients with safe and effective treatments.

IN-Motion™ technology removes pain

The IN-Motion™ technology of the Accent Family represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results. It provides a gradual thermal rise to the target's therapeutic temperature, without the risk of injury and with much less pain for the patient. The IN-Motion™ technology is administered using a sweeping technique, which enables a larger treatment area for body reshaping.

How the technologies work together: collagen reorganization

The UniPolar and BiPolar technologies work together to provide optimized results for your patients. By gradually heating the dermal and sub-dermal tissue, the Accent Family provides tightening and re-contouring both superficially and volumetrically. The body responds to the combined thermal delivery in the following ways:

  • Collagen fibers contract and multiply, which firms and improves laxity
  • Connective tissue contracts to improve the skin's contour, texture and architecture
  • Circulation improves and retained fluids drain from subcutaneous adipose tissue to reduce edema, erythema and overall volume


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