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Recently I found a place close to home that didn't have a new young person every time I went to get my brow and lip waxed. Its nice to see the same people at a place for an extended length of time. I used to work human recourses and what turnover tells me is improper management and unpleasant work conditions. I can say that I do not see that at Enhance. The people there  are always in a good mood and know me by name. Its about creating a relationship, not just another client with a file.

Mary     Minco, OK

I am a retired 60 plus woman. I like to frequent the spa and had for years, but with a fixed income I just couldn't afford it. My daughter gave me a gift certificate for my birthday and it was great. I had a massage and facial. It was close to home and I didn't have to drive all the way to the north or south of Oklahoma City. Enhance introduces me to the GentleWaves Light Therapy Facial. It has made my wrinkles much less noticeable and has made my blotchiness go completely away. My skin feels smoother and I have my friends asking what I am doing. I tell them to go see my facial lady. It only costs me $45 dollars. Now that's something I can Afford.

Jaynee   Yukon, OK

Come home for holidays to see my family is always a treat and when I do I have cellulite body wraps. I am home for up to two weeks and it allows me to get a wrap several times in a weeks time. I am amazed at how the creams work and getting into the pod for 45 minutes burns so many calories. You actually put in your current weight and it calculates how many calories you burn during the wrap. The most I've ever burned is 498. OH also the aromatherapy that goes along with it and the machine has a massaging bed in it. It is a cool thing man.

Jules   St. Thomas, USVI

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